Offices of Millet
Skillful Electrology
Vera Millet, LE, CPE and Sheri Millet-Agens, LE, CPE


When I made the decision to treat my facial hair problem, I scheduled my appointments with an electrologist in the Piscataway area. I went twice weekly for hour appointments. The treatments were painful and I always left with a red swollen face while applying ice to the treated areas.

Then I met VERA MILLET in Edison. I no longer had a red swollen face and no discomfort.

My experience with Vera and her daughter, Sheri, was very pleasant. Not only were they delightful to be with, but they were very accommodating. They always gave me appointments as quickly as possible.

I only see them occasionally now, as my problem is under control. I was happy that I was able to find Vera and Sheri and would not go to anyone else.

~ Jane Klinger of South Plainfield, NJ

I've been thinking about getting electrolysis for over 30 yrs. So when the time came to settle on THE expert, the extensive credentials of both Vera and Sheri Millet - some of which have redefined the practice in the field itself- won me over. Vera and Sheri were both equally insightful, patient, and willing to help clients like me understand my journey to getting rid of those pesky hairs. Precision, friendliness, speed, and a comprehensive understanding of the art of hair removal separates the offices of Millet from competitors with greater claims and lesser certified expertise. I've always remained confident that both Vera and Sheri had my best interest in their hearts.

~ F N of Westfield, NJ

As a young male teen, I was pretty excited to grow facial hair. My beard continued to grow and became fuller as you would expect. A few years down the road I decided to shave with a twin blade disposable razor blade for a closer cut. At this point my beard had become fairly coarse and curly. It seemed like the hairs had difficulty finding its way out of the skin and ended up getting stuck and forming a small bump which not only felt irritating but was displeasing to look at. This problem seemed to just get worse; at this point I started to become frustrated.

After doing some research, it became apparent that there wasn't a quick fix and the only option was to remove the troubled hairs. After searching around and debating between electrolysis and laser, the first option seemed safer. The next step was to find an electrologist. After shopping around eight different businesses, only one stood out that met my expectations. Not only was Sheri extremely competent, she took patient safety/health into consideration and made it her top priority.

My first consultation was so informative that almost all my questions were answered before I had a chance to ask them. The treatments are affordable, her business locations and hours were extremely flexible. I personally consider the offices of Millet to be one of the best electrolysis centers in NJ and I feel fortunate to have found them.

~ Brian W. of Rahway, NJ

Vera and Sheri Millet are amongst the few kindest and funloving people I know of. I am so glad I came across their website and scheduled a consultation. I still remember it was a Sunday morning and I was devastated looking at what laser hair removal had done to my face. I cried and then decided to do some research, when I miraculously came across Vera and Sheri. I must say I was extremely hesitant since I had already spent over thousands of dollars on Laser, which did absolutely no good for me. I went to see Vera and she took the time to explain everything from A to Z. She made me feel so comfortable despite the fact that I came in looking like I was from the jungle (my face was full of hair). Going to Vera and Sheri has been the best decision ever. From the 24 year old hairy looking girl, I can now walk around with confidence because I have obtained the desired results (it has now been about 6 months). Anyone considering electrolysis from someone professional, kindhearted, accomodating (I work late nights, but they adjust), and comfortable can stop his/her search and go to the offices of Vera/Sheri Millet. They are the best!

~ Sandy P. of Woodbridge Twp., NJ

As someone who tried electrolysis over 10 years ago, and did not have the best experience, I can Proudly say today that Sheri Millet and the office of Millet have restored my confidence that I can finally be rid of my hair one day. From my very first consultation Sheri Millet was the epitome of professional, knowledgable, warm, funny and flexible. Sheri's delicate touch is just what you need in something as intimidating as electrolysis but she all makes it so easy and in fact I look forward to my sessions now!

~ Katrina G. of Elizabeth, NJ

I started electrolysis treatments at age 16 because of a severe hormonal imbalance. Doctors have been unable to correct this. After different electrologists I found Vera Millet the best. She is skillful and considerate. The office is clean and comfortable. I don't want to go anywhere else. I am content.

~ Arnette F. of Fords, NJ

After years of plucking, I never thought I would get rid of the ugly hairs. Because of Vera Millet's treatments the hair is now gone and I feel more confident about myself.

~ E. Sneider of Woodbridge, NJ

I thought that my life would be without love and marriage because of unsightly hair. Vera changed my life. My parents could then have the beautiful wedding for me and my loving husband.

~ Pat H. of Union, NJ

I suffered with facial hair for many years. I used harsh depilatory creams to remove the unwanted hair, many times burning my skin. The hair would begin coming back in two days, and there I was on the third day using the harsh depilatory creams again.

Since I became a client of Vera Millet, a licensed, board certified electrologist, my life has changed. I am confident knowing that I am not walking around with stubble or burn marks on my face.

Vera is caring,confidential, and flexible to your situation. I am very pleased with my progress, and I highly recommend her service.

~ BW of Perth Amboy, NJ

Got hair in places that you don't want? I do or did until I found Sheri. I have found Sheri to be a lifesaver for me. The office on Route 22 in Watchung is centrally located, immaculate, and most of all private. Sheri maintains all her clients' privacy and their confidentiality. She is a professional and very knowledgeable and has a calm soothing manner. If you are thinking of electrolysis for permanent hair removal, you could not ask for a better person to help you get the results you want to achieve.

~ Linda B. of Scotch Plains, NJ

Electrolysis has been the only form of hope for me. I had tried everything before discovering this God send. I used waxes, bleaches, plucking & shaving. They were all temporary fixes. It was smelly, painful at times and hard on my sensitive skin. Since I began my treatments, I have been more confident and I do not cake on the foundation to hide dark stubble. Who would think a woman could have a five o'clock shadow? I always wore my hair toward my face to cover all the insecurities I had in feeling like a woman. How feminine is a stubbly face? But now, after seeing the results, I am so happy with what electrolysis has done for me. I actually let people touch my face now, with absolutely no worries of what they might think. My face is now soft like a woman's face should be. My only wish is that I could have read more on this years and years ago. Thank you so very much, Sheri.

~ C. Gonzalez of Linden, NJ

I have been going to electrolysis for a few years now, but until I started gong to Vera I saw very little progress at all. Vera is far and away the most talented electrologist that I have been to. I've finally found someone who knows what she's doing. Keep up the good work, Vera!

~ P. O'Shea of East Brunswick, NJ

I had been shaving my face for 20 years and not until my daughter had electrolysis with Vera did I decide to have the treatment myself. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend it to anyone else.

~ Janet and Courtney F. of Woodbridge, NJ

The decision to have electrolysis and selecting Vera Millet as my electrologist have been the best decisions I have ever made. Vera is pleasant, professional and has a genuine interest in her patients. The results have been amazing!!

~ Valerie M. of Edison, NJ

My mother and I went to a different electrologist for many years, but after she retired we had a difficult time finding someone in our area that we felt comfortable with. When we finally found Vera Millet, we realized that we should have been going to her all along. She was able to tackle my embarrassing facial hair before my wedding, leaving me one less thing to worry about on my special day. I see her only occasionally now, because the annoying hair growth has stopped on most parts of my face.

~ R. McLelland of Piscataway, NJ

Vera has been providing me treatments at the Edison office for the past few months. her initial consultation was great because she understood not just my "hair removal" needs but also related them to any potential medical issues that may exist. She is very friendly, and her office is very professional, meeting all medical and sterilization requirements. Vera's appointments are always on time and she will spend the extra time on me as necessary. I would highly recommend her services.

~ Anju D. of Scotch Plains, NJ

I'm one of Vera Millet's clients receiving electrolysis. The method that she uses is very effective for me. Prior to going to Ms. Millet (whom my doctor had referred me to), I was treated by another electrologist in the area for many years but had very poor results. I'm so happy to have found her and highly recommend her services to anyone. She is a wonderful electrologist and a very nice person.

~ S. S. of Edison, NJ

I am happy to share my experience with Sheri Millet. This is not my first time with electrolysis.

Sheri is very professional and maybe a bit more of a perfectionist than I am. Besides that, we have a fun time together. Definitely all you could wish for in an electrologist!

~ Gail H. of Green Brook

Thanks Sheri for such wonderful service. It has been a pleasure knowing you. I really consider you a friend.

~ Lyn C. of Bridgewater, NJ

My experience with the "Offices of Millet" has been wonderful. Sheri always manages to make me feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter how embarrassing my situation may be. I started my trips to the electrologist's office as a selfconscious, turtleneck wearing soul. I would look down when meeting new people because I was embarrassed by dark facial, chin and neck hair. Now, I feel confident and I look up into the world and I am so happy to meet new people. It's been a long battle, but it is worth it. The friendly, courteous service makes the time fly by. I am very satisfied with my experience at this office.

~ M. Sosa of Linden, NJ

I had a problem with hair growth on my face and felt very self conscious for years until I decided to do something about it. My sister and I were recommended by a friend to try Electrolysis. The first time I met with Sheri, I felt very at ease and she explained why some of us have hair growth heavier than others. Sheri explained step by step what the procedure is, what electrolysis is and the benefits from getting the procedure done. At that moment, I decided I would give it a try. I have no regrets! After a few sessions I started to see less hair growth. With lots of patience and keeping up with my treatments I have seen such great results. The best part of this whole process has been the comfort level, the results, and meeting Sheri. I highly recommend Electrolysis especially with Sheri! Anyone who meets her will feel like they have known her for years and she makes you feel at ease.

~ VB of Union, NJ

My friend and I were talking about hair growth one day and she mentioned to me that she too had a similar problem. I was really impressed with my friend's results! She recommended that I go to a consult with Sheri Millet. I decided why not and give it a try. I really didn't know much about Electrolysis but when I met with Sheri, I left the office with alot of information. I decided to try it. Sheri was very honest with me and told me it would take some time to see results. I kept up with my sessions. Since I have been going to Sheri's, I have seen such a huge difference. I feel better and have much more confidence! I highly recommend a consult with Sheri. It is worth your time and money spent well!!! Trust me, I tried waxing before electrolysis and that was a bad idea! Meeting Sheri, I have gained a friend whom I can trust and feel much comfort with.

~ NB of Union, NJ